Leadership and Empowerment Coach

"When your Motivation and your Why become greater then your Doubts and your Fears... You will do GREAT THINGS!"


What is Leadership Coaching?

When one is promoted to a leadership position they often excel at the position they held just before that leadership role, then they are promoted and set free to lead others with little to no training! Many companies can offer limited to no training for various reasons. A Leadership Coach is able to work 1:1 with new or experienced leaders to help build skills specific to each leader to help them succeed! 

Some hot topics my leadership clients and I discuss include:

  • Effective Communication with various personality types

  • Coaching conversations, how to be effective and following through

  • Managing difficult personalities in the workplace 

  • Teambuilding and employee experience 

Having a neutral third party to discuss these challenges with is an amazing way to build confidence, skills, and effectiveness. My goal is to help each leader have a long and successful career. 


What is Empowerment Coaching?

One of my biggest passions is helping others harness the power they have within themselves and use that to step outside their comfort zone to begin living their dreams! 


Somewhere between work, school, family, kids, and life, our own hopes and dreams get pushed aside, and we begin to wonder... what if, what could be, is it too late now? 


By working with my clients to uncover their inner values and motivation and their barriers that are holding them back, we work together to create excitement, belief, and courage to jump our of your comfort zone and INTO YOUR POWER!! 

If you find yourself: 

  • Setting the same goals over and over but never reaching them 

  • Making excuses as to why you cannot invest in your own dreams 

  • Feeling frustrated and discouraged with where you are in life

  • Exhausted at the end of everyday, but still with a long list of to do items on your list

Empowerment coaching might just be what your looking for! 


About Me:


I am a Mainer born and raised right in the Bangor Region.  I have worked in leadership for twenty four years in the very high stress, fast paced financial and healthcare industries. I have spent more then fifteen years in training and developing exceptional leaders and helping people reach their goals! 


I most recently left my corporate world, to pursue my dream of becoming a Leadership and Empowerment Coach. My passion is for teaching and watching people emerge as great leaders in their professional and personal lives as they learn and implement new skills. 

I have a degree in psychology, certification in Meditation teaching, Breathwork facilitation, Reiki Master, Mindfulness, and more as I am always learning and growing. 


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